Release time:2017-06-02


MET project in Amino Acid Company successfully produced qualified DL-methionine

In Jan. 06th, MET project of NHU Amino Acid (Shandong) Co., Ltd. succeeded in development of new process and successfully produced qualified DL-methionine, which means we achieved stage strategic objectives. In the future, we will achieve the large capacity with 50,000 tons/a.

DL-methionine is one of NHU strategic products. We invested 1.7 billion RMB into the first stage of MET project. Back to the process of this project, we laid the foundation stone in Sep. 2014 and started the construction, later we passed through tough construction、equipment installation、joint pilot production, and then No.667 equipment in the first stage started to debug on Jun 20th, 2016, and eventually we successfully produced qualified DL-methionine, all of these are under control. The achievements of this project will not only bring abundant economic benefits and good to implement NHU’s vision to establish a world-class DL-methionine production base and achieve strategic objectives of “thirteen-five year plan”, but also have a significant promotion to speed up local economy, increase taxes and provide more jobs for society.

DL-methionine is one kind of safe feed additives and belongs to the key area supported by “China’s Key High-Tech Industry” and “Industrial Structure Adjustment Guidelines”. Furthermore, “The 12th five-year development plan in feed industry” clearly pointed out China should develop feed products with excellent quality、safety and high-efficiency and new feed additives, contribute to enhance the capacity of DL-methionine and strengthen the international competitiveness of amino acid in feed grade and reduce the production cost.

Recently, the development of China's aquaculture industry accelerated a lot. The capacity of pork、eggs and livestock has ranked in the first place all over the world. The success of MET project means we created the first domestic self-owned DL-methionine production pipeline. Therefore, we filled the gaps in this industry and broke the monopoly of import. Meanwhile, it has a strategic significance to the improvement of China's manufacture level and the promotion to accelerate the development of animal husbandry industry and modernization of agriculture.