To Provides APIs & Intermediates with high quality

We all know, crazy busy causes physical injuries and improper diet causes obesity. In a word, health problems are common. NHU Vitamins have a good anti-aging effect and prevention of diseases.
On the business foundation of fine chemicals, NHU also focuses on the development of pharmaceutical intermediates, providing APIs & Intermediates with high quality for formulation companies. Our products cover various areas such as Cardiovascular, Anti-AIDS, Anti-cancer and Anti-bacterial. Our main products are Latamoxef Sodium、Flomoxef Sodium、Hydrochloride Moxifloxacin、Artemisinin series、Calcium Keto acid series, Vitamin A / E / D3 and coenzyme Q10, etc. Our vision is to become the best API & Intermediates supplier for formulations in Anti-infection、Antiviral、Anti-malarial and Metabolic system diseases. Our mission is to protect human health and improve life quality.
Catalogue of pharmaceutical Intermediates Cas No.
Ethoxymethylene malonic ester(EMME) 87-13-8
Beta-thyine 50-89-5
latamoxef 7-side chain 70175-90-5
flomoxef 7- side chain 949886-97-9
Latamoxef Nucleus 66510-99-4
Flomoxef methoxy acylbody 134237-56-2
Flomoxef Nucleus-Oxat-Cl 91177-27-4
Cyclopropyl Acetylene 6746-94-7
R-3-Amino-1-Butanol 61477-40-5
2-Chloro-1,1,1-triethoxyethane 51076-95-0
Catalogue of Chemical products Cas No.
Isophorone 78-59-1
4-Hydroxy-2-Butanone 590-90-9
Isovaleraldehyde 590-86-3
Cyclopentanone 120-92-3
3-Methyl-3-Buten-1-ol 763-32-6
3-Methyl-2-Buten-1-ol 556-82-1
Costom synthesis products