Fortified Nutrition improves human health

The growth of global population has increased the consumption demand for protein foods and requested for healthier diets and feed ingredients with higher quality. As an envoy of nutrition and health, NHU successfully developed a variety of healthy and high-efficiency food and feed additives which not only enhanced animal nutrition and farming profits, but also made a significant progress to promote human health. NHU is a leading advanced manufacture for ingredients、vitamins and carotenoid. Our raw materials with high quality contribute a lot to the success of many famous food brands in various areas such as dairy products, bakery, fruit and vegetable juice, milk powder, functional drinks and flavor ingredients, etc. We developed a plenty of healthy products and process. In a word, NHU dedicates to contribute more in health and nutrition. In the developed areas of excess nutrients, it is common that people control weight and keep healthy by decreasing intake of traditional energy-type food and supplementing functional vitamins and minerals. Our vitamins series cover a variety of important functional vitamins which assure for human health and colorful life. With respect to animal nutrition, we provide raw materials and feed additives with excellent quality for poultry, aquatic products, pigs and pets. NHU vision is to provide the capacity with high-efficiency and good quality for customers to achieve better value with fewer resources.
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